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  1. >looks like you had a lovely birthday! your outfit is very cute, the tights + shoesies being my favourite. I should take a trip to this tea room it looks lovely + reminds me of my favourite cafe all cute … all the crockery looks so good especially the strawberry teapot in the picture of you munching the cupcake. really hope you had a lovely day, bibi

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  3. Mi prendo la libertà di commentare questioni personali solo se riguardano gli amici intimi. Figurati, non me la sono mica presa, anzi, grazie per il rispetto dimostrato. Mi è solo sembrato strano che alcuni, di un pensiero, abbiano avuto parole di solidarietà, mentre altri, di altro pensiero, si siano astenuti, tutto qui.

  4. A hugely intelligent and thought-provoking post. I'm one of life's eternal optimists. I've been hearing about the death of publishing ever since I began working in publishing. I love your thoughts about school visits. Children really are the most appreciative audiences.

  5. At least I hope you got to enjoy the California sunshine! What a story, Jane. I can’t wait to hear your take on what the production was like – even if you weren’t in it!

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  9. I’ll ask my brother for the recipe and e-mail it to you. I couldn’t really watch all he did since we were cooking at the same time. Those potatoes are really excellent.The duck was good enough, but would have been better with the sliced apples sana. Oh well….

  10. Thank you very much for the great podcast you guys deliver. I’m in Northwestern Georgia and have witnessed the in your face religious right since birth. I’m a stand up comedian but also a strong Atheist and would like to get move active in the movement. Any suggestions?Thanks,Edward Butler

  11. dduck petew, you could add that the rush to perhaps crudely fashioned fracking is releasing methane which is ten times as bad as CO2 (not to mention that they are screwing up the water supply).I know they are trying very hard to come up with a nuclear fusion solution, but in the meantime i think some of the more advanced and smaller nuclear fission plants should be fast tracked.

  12. klasse idee mit dem notenpapier! ich hab von den sternen auch einige um weihnachten rum gefaltet, hat wirklich was meditatives. gibt auch eine stern-variante, den man nicht steckt sondern klebt, da entfällt das komplizierte zusammen stecken. wobei DAS ja auch irgendwie spaß macht! :)lg katrin

  13. franchement, est-ce bien raisonnable tout ça ?les agences anpe sont pleines de gens à qui on n’offre pas de boulot, et voilà que le peu qui reste est donné aux détenus !à quand les mêmes mesures en france ?qui pour répondre ?alice de fougères (Ille-et-vilaine 35)

  14. I am glad she is safe is'nt this just awful my thoughts are with everyone over there.Thank you for your comment I removed the post as I felt it was no worth giving them the air time do you think that was the bigger thing to do?? I know you had something simular the other week about the way you dress some people can be very weird but in the scale of things it is pretty small fry xoxo

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  16. dit :Btw, on ne savait pas que le régime communiste avait tué toutes ces personnes à la mort de Staline. Y’a pas un «comuniss» qui va glorifier le régime de Staline.Les communistes français l’on fait.Alors qu’on a un Éric Duhaime qui glorifie un Pinochet, mais bon… Je te met au défi de me trouver une citation où Éric Duhaime glorifie Pinochet.

  17. Thank you. Although I am not sure our child will participate in the new meal program (who knows…some of those meals look pretty good) I am happy to see such a positive step by the SFUSD. Along with the green schoolyard and sustainability efforts, this is great news

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  24. Don’t forget mobile phones! There was a time when people who wanted to get hold of you had to actually try and predict where you would be during the day and call the landline near you, hoping you would be there. (shivers).-= Richard´s last blog .. =-.

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  30. Re: bad dude…This was a random thought I had and wanted to jot down so I wouldn’t forget it; a memory of something that happened years ago. It’s nothing major. But thank you.And no, I didn’t think you were a “dozer.” =)

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  32. Hi Mr Bear, please don’t blame homeschooling for the lack of critical thinking, please put the blame exactly where it belongs; the religious beliefs of the parents and the brainwashing of the child. As a former homeschooling parent who managed to produce a freethinking, curious and well-read son out of a child whom our NZ education system failed (there is no such thing as learning disabilities in NZ schools…too bad if you have one) I don’t like my son nor I to be coupled with with looney toons like that.

  33. I am obsessing over this combination right now and posted about it a few weeks ago! I even changed my blog header to gray and yellow 🙂 Love love love the inspiration. (and while I would love to see your space, I totally support -and agree- that you should keep the photos of your work a big secret until you ARE published!) xoxo

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  39. I first stumbled upon LC way back when, as a 16 y.o. adolescent, I read, quite by chance, Beautiful Losers, The Favourite Game. Then discovered he also sang, buying “Songs” in 71 in Germany. Irremediably hooked since then, I attended the 74 concert in Madrid (is there any accessible film footage of that?) and had an incredible emotional experience in Madrid a few weeks ago… As many, I just should say: Thank you. Thank you for all this.

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  41. they need to be in the lead. The deal between Hamas and Fatah along with the Sept vote will expose even more that as Nora O’Donnell said to the the Jerusalem Mayor the other morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe “you don’t want a deal”Israel does not want a deal

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  56. Pues lo he estado mirando "donde corresponde" y parece que lo más correcto es "aturrullar" (aunque reconozco que no he oído decirlo así jamás) pero "aturullar" también está aceptada. Por cierto, me ha matado lo de la geisha por arrozal de Sonia. Tengo que incluirlo en mi vocabulario cotidiano. Besos!!!

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  64. Becky,Thank you so very much for this beautiful post. It really speaks to my mother’s heart. I read a prayer on another site recently that went something like this:“Dear God, please stay by my child’s side, especially when she leaves mine.”Thank goodness we know the Lord is looking out for our children, too. However, that doesn’t stop the heartache when it does occur. Thanks again for your lovely words.God bless you.

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  76. We went out, one night this week, to a local landmark – Ming's in Victoria. The food is always delicious, and this is where I was introduced to black bean sauce. I smiled when I read about the challenge of replicating a recipe that is made up on the spur of the moment. I've done that often and wished I'd kept a record!

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  468. Gràcies per la informació, Olga. Està bé, perquè d’entrada hagués pensat que aquest tipus d’assessoraments només eren possibles amb pocs participants (uns deu o dotze).Bé, quan tingueu els resultats ja ens fareu cinc cèntims.Gràcies de nou!Anna

  469. I had the exact opposite experience with TriCare mental health. I followed TriCares criteria for getting a referral and I had no problems with them getting payment. I also had to pay a copay that was significant, but I ddin't havbe to pay full boat; I was able to afford monthly payments to the Doc. This was for a family member, not myself, the service member. I imagine some of the hate on TriCare in the article is because they doesn't pick up the tab completely.If a psych don't want to take tricare, it's because their billing person is lazy, or they are more about money than helping people.

  470. För oss borgare som inte gillar statsfeminismens framfart är KD det enda realistiska alternativet i politiken. Alla andra partier i sjupartigruppen har feminismen inskriven i partiprogrammet. Men tyvärr blir det ändå ofta fel, eftersom feminister och moralkonservativa står på samma sida i t.ex. många sexualfrågor.

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  473. regarding the darkening I tried to give a news tip to every news outlet (CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC).No one has picked up on it except for fox news which basically refuted it with the help of the Clinton campaign.This was outrageous when Time Magazine did this to O.J Simpson, an alledged murdered.But SOMEHOW THIS IS NON-ISSUE NOW THEY DID THIS TO THE FIRST POTENTIAL BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE US

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  476. as long as you work for someone else you will feel the same stress that anyone who isn’t in control of their situation feels. and i think that’s the worst stress. plus it retards your development as a creative and as a person. you become trapped and you know it.the stress of the person who knows he must kill to eat, as it were, is a lot more preferable IMHO. the repetitive idiocy in ad agencies is what creates killer stress. esp. as you get older. it becomes groundhog day.

  477. I support the work of Macdonald – and Rushton as well – for its intellectual value, but they’re the last of their kind. The academics of the younger generation are quite smart about using more sensitive language (e.g. ‘ethnicity’ instead of ‘race’) and don’t let themselves get pigeon-holed by the liberal academic culture. Pinker and Bruce Lahn are prime examples.

  478. Hmmmmm it’s a bit tricky to assume what Job believed. Jews don’t seem to have much of an idea of the afterlife at this time. Only the later Hebrew books like Daniel and 2 Maccabees are conscious of any sort of dynamic afterlife/resurrection ideas. Maybe Psalm 16. However, Jews don’t seem to be too worried about it.

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  481. This is beautiful. A wonderful movie, whose style merits are much deserved! I have always love this film, perhaps Hitchcock’s most personal film, and the eerie dreamlike quality of it all. Thanks for posting this piece, and bringing attention to one of Edith Head’s most masterful and nuanced work, and the secrets seen throughout. “Clothes on Film” always gets it right, which is why I’m always coming back!